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Strategy and team development for company market research

Company market research requires a strong foundation

Regardless of whether you are responsible individually for your company’s market research, or as part of a teamthe value of market research for your company will hinge upon its effect on business decisions and revenue targets.

So whether you work alone or in a teamwe will always support you as a sparring partner and coach in advancing your consulting and leadership skills, as well as in team and strategy development.

Information, alone, doesn’t generate profits. Instead, information has to be converted into relevant recommendations and measures. To meet this goal, company market research has to reflect genuine understanding and must furnish counsel to in-house decision-makers in marketing and in executive management.

BESTVISO will support and guide you as “sparring partner” with our many years of experience in company market research. We will support and accompany you in the continued development of leadership and consulting skills. And when it comes to team development and strategy – here too, we are also the right point of contact for coaching.

Company Market Research Coaching

Our Systemic Management Coaching will support you with the positioning of company market research in your business.

Examples of this coaching:

  • Developing structures and strategies
  • Formulating a vision and a mission
  • Implementing successfully into objectives and strategies
  • Compiling convincing communication with company decision-makers
  • Developing skills for strategic consulting

Start optimizing  the team’s identity and collaborative potential at every relevant level.

Combine the objectives of the company with your role or department –
thus bolstering your position within the company .

Using improved communication oriented towards your target group, you will increase the efficacy of your business strategy and achieve greater success.

Our services at a glance

BESTVISO Market Research Consulting

Objective oriented recommendations for the best methods and market research agencies


BESTVISO Client Safari and Insights Workshops

Understand psychological needs, generate Insights

BESTVISO Secondary analyses

Strategically realizable consolidation of external information

BESTVISO Market Research Management

Project and interim management for Company Market Research

BESTVISO Trend Selection

Turn trends into actions

BESTVISO Knowledge Management

Executive Summaries based on existing studies – for sound decisions

Markenpositionierung BESTVISO

BESTVISO Brand Positioning and Development

Understanding the relevant brand drivers and criteria for successfully selecting and capitalizing on brands

BESTVISO Innovation

Collectively develop product concepts
Shopper Insights

BESTVISO Shopper and Trade Insights and Activation

Understanding shoppers’ path to purchase, and mobilizing retail sales


Insights Aktivierungs-Workshop Aus Insights werden geschäftsfördernde Maßnahmen und Aktionen

BESTVISO Insights Activation Workshop

Transforming insights into actions

BESTVISO Betriebliche Marktforschung Coaching

BESTVISO Company Market Research - Coaching

Strategy and team coaching for company market research

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