BESTVISO Market Research Management

Short-term and long-term project and interim management for Company Market Research, ad-hoc research, and quantitative market analyses

Are you experiencing bottlenecks in your market research team? Does your company lack its own market research experts? With project leadership from BESTVISO, you will receive experienced, reliable expertise – without losing valuable time.

We offer cooperative leadership for market research projects, at the highest levels of quality, enabling you to receive optimal ROI on your investments in market research and to obtain relevant competitive advantages.

BESTVISO’s project and interim management services include:

  • Taking charge of company market research (projects)
  • Engaging in a cooperative partnership with your market research team or marketing team
  • Guiding company market research
  • Producing ad-hoc research and quantitative market analyses ranging from briefing to solicitation of bids from various market research agencies, through presentation of findings
  • Producing strategic recommendations and advising – for long-term projects, as interim management, on-site at your company’s premises

We advise and accompany you with:

  • Generating market research briefings
  • Recommending methods, target groups, and survey content
  • Defining criteria for selection of market research agencies
  • Soliciting bids from and price negotiations with market research agencies
  • Recommending the most cost-effective market research agency
  • Directing and quality monitoring of questionnaires and testing materials
  • Review and adaptation of survey procedures and methods used for interviews and analysis
  • Review of field work with interviews or group discussions
  • Review of compliance with project timing
  • Quality and plausibility control of reports, including conclusions and recommendations
  • Deriving inferences and strategies for your brand


You will benefit from results and recommendations that are reviewed for both quality and plausibility – and from brand-oriented consulting for personal presentation of the outcome. That is how information is transformed into rewarding investment!

The BESTVISO team’s many years of extensive experience will enable you to achieve all your desired objectives with a laser-like focus, so that your strategy will be certain to hit the mark.

BESTVISO Client Safari and Insights Workshops

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BESTVISO Market Research Consulting

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BESTVISO Market Research Management

Project and interim management for company market research

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Strategy and team coaching for company market research


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