BESTVISO Knowledge Management for brands and categories

Knowledge management with executive summaries, featuring conclusions and guidance based on existing studies

Do you already have various data sources and studies from your market research, but lack the time to compile all the findings and to develop strategic recommendations from them?

With BESTVISO Knowledge Management, you will swiftly receive all in-house studies, compiled and streamlined as a category and brand summary – including recommendations your future approach. This way, you and your team will save valuable time and will be able to rely upon an abstract of every available insight in the company, along with the underlying analyses and summaries.

Our BESTVISO Knowledge Management services include:

  • Screening relevant studies conducted by various market research agencies, based upon your needs
  • Compiling the results
  • Providing relevant recommendations for strategic implementation
  • Reviewing any additional information requirements

Essential steps in BESTVISO Knowledge Management:

  • Defining business objectives and challenges
  • Defining categories, brands, and target groups
  • Researching diverse data sources
  • Integrating data with existing key insights
  • Formulating Executive Summaries for top management
  • Defining remaining knowledge gaps or methodological limitations

Can be combined with supervising studies for more complete knowledge: BESTVISO market research management


BESTVISO knowledge management provides the perfect foundation for deriving sustained success from previously obtained knowledge. Make use of this potential!

The BESTVISO team’s many years of extensive experience will enable you to achieve all your desired objectives with a laser-like focus, so that your strategy will be certain to hit the mark.

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BESTVISO Knowledge Management

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