Brands, which rely on BESTVISO

“BESTVISO furnishes us with top-flight advice for our market research projects. The professional management of the studies, ranging from the method selection to the solicitation of bids and all the way through quality assurance for the presentations of results, has proved most helpful, and is absolutely to be recommended.”


Christoph Ripp, Head of Marketing

“Working side by side with BESTVISO for strategic market research studies was – in every respect – highly professional and focused, as well as being customized to our needs. Beginning with the consulting, ranging all the way through each and every stage of the course of the project, the collaboration was superb. In their capacity as a consultancy, BESTVISO guided us – even after the conclusion of the project – with their expertise and personalized commitment.”


Miriam Pabst, Brand Management
“BESTVISO provided us valuable support for the review of our new TV campaign: their advice regarding the suitable approach to research and the solicitation of bids from various market research agencies resulted in optimal cost-effectiveness for us. The quality assurance inherent in the process ensured a reliable, action-oriented strategic recommendation with a high news value.”
Marko Lange, Head of Group Marketing

“BESTVISO supported us at every stage in the process of a brand status study, from the selection of methods and research agencies all the way to the presentation of the results. The understanding of our brands that BESTVISO brought about within an extremely brief period of time made it possible to deliver the bulk of the operative project management with a positive feeling, rendering our work incomparably easier. In direct personal discussions, BESTVISO always ensured that we had food for thought, thus enabling us to glean optimal results from the study. All told, having BESTVISO as a reliable partner – both operatively and strategically – has meant tremendous added value for us.”

Kirstin Brunkhorst, Marketing Director
“BESTVISO supported us in the process of defining the market research steps along the entire innovation funnel. We are now benefiting from the experience and expertise that have been incorporated into the continued developments of our international market research. We gladly recommend BESTVISO.”


Vesna Gray, Senior Manager Marketing Insight, Group Strategic Marketing
“BESTVISO conducted brand workshops for us that demonstrated the broad spectrum of brand models and possibilities for positioning. Using this professional, goal-oriented consultancy, we obtained the decisive impulse for our brand strategy and controlling.”
Dr. Tobias Bischkopf, Head of Marketing

“I can attest that we were successfully able to make an excellent decision – thanks to the analytical preparatory work and the superb negotiations conducted by BESTVISO. We fully achieved our objective of establishing a standardized testing procedure for reviewing innovative conceptual ideas. We are very much satisfied with the research agency recommended.”


Dieter Hartmann, Head of Marketing

“BESTVISO gets right to the heart of the matter. We are most satisfied with the incisive summaries of the comprehensive studies from specific product areas. These summaries furnish us with a compact, practical knowledge base along with valuable recommendations for any further marketing steps we wish to take.”


Corinna Presutti, Consumer Insights Manager
“The results yielded by a joint strategy workshop demonstrated how effectively BESTVISO supported us in redefining our market research processes. Above and beyond that, the BESTVISO information already at hand was clearly structured and summarized with action-oriented conclusions.”
Elke Hesse, Media & Market Research Manager
“Ms. Sabine Henjes from BESTVISO conducted an all-day individual workshop with me. Collaborating with Ms. Henjes was most enjoyable and reflected the highest degree of targeted professionalism oriented towards implementing our plans. I can highly recommend Ms. Henjes as a market research consultant and coach.”
Veronika Fasching, Team Head for International Market Research

“I first had the pleasure of working with BESTVISO during a strategically significant market research project. Throughout the course of the project—from initial contact down to the final presentation of the results—the collaboration was highly professional, goal-oriented, and ultimately successful. Thanks to their many years of experience, BESTVISO did a superb job supporting us with advice and guidance in selecting methods and providers, as well as with result utilization. I am already looking forward to further joint projects.”

Valerie Karbowski, Head of Shopper & Customer Marketing / Customer Enthusiasm & Sales Activation

“The highly competent consulting and support service provided by BESTVISO enabled us to carry out the precise study we needed in order to further develop the KHG brands. Due to BESTVISO’s rapid, yet comprehensive familiarization with the particularities of the market, we obtained valuable input for the design of the study. In addition, for purposes of developing our market strategy, we found BESTVISO’s targeted brand positioning workshop especially helpful.”


Katrin Jenner, Chief Brand & Digital Officer, Klier Hair Group GmbH

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