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What company values do we stand for? It seems like a simple question.

Coherent Company Values: However, when implementing the results of brand positioning studies for product or employer brands, and in team coaching, I have found that this question is not always answered at a central level, but rather separately on different levels.

  • For example, there are global company values that are interpreted differently in different countries and communicated externally.
  • Brand values defined in brand positioning have no connection to employer brand positioning.
  • Values are communicated differently at the company level than at the brand level. This leads to positive or negative image transfer in both directions, depending on the image.

These value confusions also exist between departments, teams, and individual employees. This is certainly human, as we all orient ourselves in our actions based on different values.

👉 By definition, a value serves as a guide for (emotionally) attractive behavior.

Developing company values consistently across all levels

However, it is possible to develop and implement the dimensions of values in a consistent direction. The following steps are helpful in determining values in a company.

5 tips for implementing coherent company values:

  1. Be aware of the level at which you define values: company values, brand values, team-specific values, function-based values, or personal values. This includes social, cultural, and moral values!
  2. Brand values reflect the brand’s image, while company values form the basis for the behavior and decisions of employees. Ensure that they align as closely as possible.
  3. The brand values of a company and its company values directly influence the positioning of its employer brand. Bring them together. If a company has a strong brand identity, this can lead to a better perception and positioning of its employer brand.
  4. Keep track of customer value developments. The way people perceive and prioritize their values can vary over time and depending on the country, experience, and situations. Take these into account without diluting the brand core.
  5. Once defined, communicate these values internally and externally. Involve employees so that individual perspectives and interpretations have enough space. This creates a shared understanding of values and a clear basis for action.

👍 When value dimensions are declinated throughout the company at all levels and the actions of all are defined, employees identify more strongly with the company. It becomes attractive to potential employees. It also strengthens the brand value through stronger emotional connections and customer trust.