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As an executive in the top mangement, you face the daily challenge of capturing important information quickly and making strategic decisions based on it. It is important to keep an overview and to make the right deductions. A meaningful management summary is helpful. The sources of the informations are often complex and diverse. Furthermore market research studies illustrate topics at different levels of analysis. The results of the ad hoc studies, panel analyses, trend analyses and online user data have to be put into a expedient context.

Characteristics of an excellent management summary

In order for a management summary to provide a sound basis for decision-making, it is essential that it is created according to the following criteria:

  1. A compact summary is always oriented towards the business goal. It focuses on providing the most important and relevant information from the available materials and reports that the business needs for decision making.
  2. The language, rhetoric and graphic presentation of the summary is aligned to the expectations and motive and value structure of the recipients. This makes it understandable, easily digestible and emotionally appealing. It focuses on key facts and avoids extensive and detailed descriptions of methods or results.
  3. It bundles relevant information on a meta-level. Data from different levels of analysis are prioritized in terms of content and intelligently integrated. In this way, insights and comprehensive insights can be derived. Presented in an understandable way, it provides top management with all the key insights at a glance.

The management summary is a determining tool for decision making

A management summary is an important tool for executives to quickly obtain relevant information and make strategic decisions.

It is characterized by its compactness, while presenting relevant information in an understandable way. In addition it sets a clear focus on the most important key points and can assited during the decision making. The result now serves as an optimal information base for upper management. So that they can then act more quickly and effectively. At BESTVISO, we support you in this process and show you how to get the most out of your management summary.

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