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An innovation network is designed to thrive in today’s fast-paced markets, as companies constantly need new innovations in their pipeline, faster than ever. Innovation is the key to success in today’s business world. Companies that are able to develop new ideas and solutions quickly and effectively have a clear competitive advantage over others.

Thereby it helps to involve as many areas of the company as possible. This is achieved excellently with an innovation network. An innovation network  fuels both the creation of ideas and the implementation of innovative ideas.

How a innovation network works successfully

  • Initiators who inspire: A team of committed employees, such as those from marketing, PR, and operational market research, builds the network and keeps it running in the long term.
  • Regularly conduct workshops or training on innovation and creativity techniques to inspire and encourage employees to participate.
  • Ensure continuous exchange of information, for example, with newsletters that regularly inform about all the latest news.
  • Expand the network: for example, by conducting idea competitions on various topics and encouraging employees to submit ideas for future topics.

These networks play an important role in the early stages of innovation. Furthermore they also offer advantages for digital transformation and knowledge management.

Building an internal network brings many benefits:

  • Different perspectives flow into the ideation process, which increases the diversity of ideas. If you involve external experts, such as advertising agencies, you also expand the possible perspectives.
  • Innovation networks promote the innovation culture by bringing current knowledge and trends from members into the company. By that, innovation is anchored more broadly.

Embedding innovation in your corporate culture not only creates a source of new ideas, but also makes your colleagues see themselves as part of the innovation process and actively contribute to the success of the company. This promotes employee engagement and motivation immensely.

In our innovation workshop, we support you in building a network of innovators, expanding the pool of your ideas, and developing successful verbal concepts and new products.