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Market Intelligence Manager Coaching

Corporate market researchers, also known as Consumer or Market Intelligence Managers, have various roles within the company. They are leaders of market research projects, internal service providers, consultants, or moderators. Regardless of their role, they have an important function: they provide important information for decision-makers. 

However, sometimes this role is underestimated in the company. Because the departments that implement recommendations into concrete actions and successfully promote them internally are considered kingmakers. But what happens when brand or product strategies are based on less valid surveys about the market and customers? Or when recommendations are not implemented for political reasons? The flop rate increases considerably, and the brand can be weakened. 

The successful interaction between Market Intelligence Managers and Marketing.

For this reason, a good interaction between marketing and market research with a sound knowledge of branding and market research is very effective. You should appreciate each other’s roles.This means, on the one hand, that Marketing Intelligence Managers should empathize with the revenue-generating roles of marketing and sales. Entrepreneurial thinking is required.On the other hand, it means that marketing managers should not focus on desired results with a narrow view that does not hold up in reality. They should appreciate neutrality and strategic classification in the interpretation of the results. 

“Evolving from Implementation Manager to Entrepreneur.” 

In any case, it is essential that corporate market research, whether it is a single person or a team, consistently emphasizes its contribution to corporate success. It is helpful to view yourself as a brand, just like the company. A brand that knows its essence, strengths, values, and therefore its identity and communicates it successfully. Only then does an implementation manager become an entrepreneur in the company. 

But what helps on the way there? Take the time to define your goal and the path to get there. A moderated systemic management coaching from BESTVISO helps you to achieve this.  

Market Intelligence Manager Coaching – a path to a strong role in the company. 

For the development of the department identity and the own brand it is helpful to conduct a coaching workshop. In addition, our corporate market research clients also have other issues and challenges that they need to address internally. 

👉 Here are two examples from our coaching practice: 

A market researcher was supposed to develop an international strategy for market research in the company. At the end of the workshop, she had developed a targeted bundle of appropriate strategies and measures. In a further step, it was necessary to define the market research mission and to build the associated processes. This enabled the manager to structure and guide market research projects in a targeted and effective way with the marketing teams and integrate them into the marketing processes. 

In another coaching workshop, we supported a market research department in designing their internal department presentation convincingly. This enabled market research to successfully communicate their image and benefits for new business areas. Personal, socio-communicative, and leadership skills play an important role here. Coaching supports the targeted determination, use, and further development of these competencies in the chosen context. 

The BESTVISO coaching follows a defined coaching process consisting of 5 main steps:

  1. First, a systemic analysis of the current situation is carried out on a scientific basis.
  2. Then, we determine your goals and the time frame for implementation together with you.  
  3. On this basis, the identification and activation of your resources, such as personal motives and values, as well as expertise, budgets, etc., follows. 
    This also includes, as a subsequent step, the analysis of the values and motivational structures of the internal target groups for your internal communication.
  4. In the fourth step, previous solution patterns are analyzed in order to derive truly new actions.  
  5. In the end, an action plan is created, which includes concrete, dated and implementable steps. This is to bechecked for feasibility. 

After the 1-2 day workshop, we are in regular exchange with the company’s market researchers. Here we discuss which measures have been easily implemented and which still face obstacles. In this way, we help to bring the action plan into implementation. 


Based on your goals and the resources available to you, the BESTVISO coaching helps you develop an insights mission and vision for market research in your company, which you will transform into your personal business success. 

The analysis of previous solutions and the derivation of new actions is a prerequisite for changing your role and perception of your function and position. 

With the action plan, you significantly strengthen your role. By embedding your goals in corporate goals, you contribute to the company’s success in a targeted manner. You focus on insights that are strategically relevant and lead to business-building measures.