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How do I write verbal formulations that will increase the success rate of my innovations? This is a question we frequently encounter. An important criterion for success is a strong consumer insight – to assist companies in designing their products and marketing strategies to be both market-driven and sustainably successful. However, in any given product category consumer motives and needs are not always manifest. Product ideas are often developed from the drawing board, so that the consumer need for the verbal formulation is freely interpreted. 

But how can you ensure that your verbal formulation strike a chord with the consumer?

First and foremost, you need to precisely define your target audience. Whom exactly do you want to address? This will depend on your business objective: to what extent do you want to base your growth on poaching buyers from another brand? Or do you want to grow in value by bringing more higher-priced innovations on the market? Or perhaps you are even seeking category growth – turning non-users into users? 

In the second step, it is important to obtain as much information as possible about potential buyers. What stage of life does this group find itself in? What are their attitudes? What norms and values do they adhere to? How do they experience and use the product category? What problems or areas of tension are apparent? What unfulfilled needs are there? 

These areas of tension and needs are precisely what the verbal formulation of the product idea is intended to address. These areas form the consumer insight, which in describes a deeper understanding of the consumer. From the consumer’s vantage point, the insight should answer the following three questions: What am I doing? Why am I doing it? And what tensions or unmet needs are occurring? 

A true insight addresses the consumer

Why? Because that is how any of us feels truly understood. This insight forms the platform for product development, and subsequent sections describe the product idea. Keep in mind that the product promise must be linked to the needs, and that the area of tension must be addressed. Next comes the expertise of the sender or company, and the formulation is capped by a claim or summary statement. At each step, ensure that you are using language that consumers understand. Be sure that you are always putting yourself in the shoes of the target group and seeking to understand their needs. Only then will you be successful with product ideas that your target group can dock onto. 

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